Caption This! week #5

I’m so sorry, I totally forgot about this yesterday :p But don’t worry! Better late than never!

The game still continues with this fabulous picture! (Because it reminds me a Castle in the Sky, which I just recently watched)


And congrats to Scholar-at-Arms for the caption of last weeks photo! (I would die so hard if I ever come upon something like that in a game. And by die, I mean die laughing. I don’t think that thing could kill anyone. Unless I had a REALLY weak character…. ) 

Anyway, have a good week y’all!

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    George Washington was ready for everything…
    But not for an Aerial Assault.

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    Little did Ensign Bob know that this year the French Foreign Legion was experimenting with giant inflatable flatworms…

  • Nate Winchester

    Sorry, my ability to make sequel jokes has officially run out with this one. So I’m going to go with…
    “Monday morning rush hour is always the worst.”

  • Nate Winchester

    This isn’t an entry, just a note that this apparently didn’t get put into the CT category.