Science Blast! Colder than Absolute Zero!

What sort of Cthulian monstrosities live in the temperatures below absolute 0?

Quantum gas goes below absolute zero

by Zeeya Merali

Ultracold atoms pave way for negative-Kelvin materials.

It may sound less likely than hell freezing over, but physicists have created an atomic gas with a sub-absolute-zero temperature for the first time1. Their technique opens the door to generating negative-Kelvin materials and new quantum devices, and it could even help to solve a cosmological mystery.

Lord Kelvin defined the absolute temperature scale in the mid-1800s in such a way that nothing could be colder than absolute zero. Physicists later realized that the absolute temperature of a gas is related to the average energy of its particles. Absolute zero corresponds to the theoretical state in which particles have no energy at all, and higher temperatures correspond to higher average energies.

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