Science Blast! Superpowers come to the Plant World!

Cyborg plants! Who predicted this? We can’t let the real world of science outstrip us!

Electric rose

Eleni Stavrinidou wasn’t sure what she’d see when she looked through her microscope at a slice of rose stem. Her team was experimenting with the flowers. They were trying to make a cyborg — a living thing with electronic enhancements. In the past, their attempts had failed to work. But this time was different. She noticed a thin, dark line running up the stem,. It put a grin of excitement on her face.

That dark line was not some natural part of the plant. It was a wire. And it had grown there on its own.

Stavrinidou isn’t the only one turning plants into cyborgs. Several research groups around the world are looking into ways to weave electronics into the natural world. With cutting-edge techniques, they are inserting artificial parts into the plants’ own structures. Such parts can enhance the normal abilities of its hosts. Others may give those plants superpowers.

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