Caption This! week #4

And the winner is…… 

And here’s your new picture! Hope you enjoy this week as much as this frog is enjoying himself!

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I am A. M. Freeman, aspiring author. I've been around for a little more then a decade and in that time have developed a deep love of books and wonder-filled stories. Although I've lived in the south all my life, I'm not a very much of a country girl. But I still love my horses and would choose an acre of woods over a city block any day. Along with my dancing and my four legged friends, writing is my passion; since it's the only way I know to get these characters that keep popping up out of my head, and I seem to have a bit of a knack for it. I write on my blog with things like stories, writing tips, updates about my own writing, poetry, and whatever things that pop into my head I decide to share. And someday I will have my novels of adventure and trial, and children books of wonder and exploration. So I hope you will pause to read a few of my humble rambles or stories, and who knows, maybe you'll find something you've been looking for.
  • Novilio



  • Alex Stoutwood

    Caption: “Faster! And where’s my salted peanuts?”

  • Nate Winchester

    Ok, this contest and the next one but then I’m stopping with the movie sequels (unless a really good one comes to mind)
    they thought the war was over

    until the bugs found allies

    Calvary Has Arrived

  • Nate Winchester

    “Here we see the spread of Uber into the insect kingdom”

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    At my signal, unleash Hell!

  • Scholar-at-Arms

    “And the random encounter chart says you meet, uh…”

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    “Sweet ride.”
    “I KNOW, dude!”

  • Corey

    “Trying to restore their brand credibility after cheating on emissions tests, Volkswagen’s newest line of Beetles are COMPLETELY natural!”

  • Bellomy

    “Horns, horns. The Riders of Rohan had come at last.”