• Novilio



  • Alex Stoutwood

    Caption: “Faster! And where’s my salted peanuts?”

  • Nate Winchester

    Ok, this contest and the next one but then I’m stopping with the movie sequels (unless a really good one comes to mind)
    they thought the war was over

    until the bugs found allies

    Calvary Has Arrived

  • Nate Winchester

    “Here we see the spread of Uber into the insect kingdom”

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    At my signal, unleash Hell!

  • Scholar-at-Arms

    “And the random encounter chart says you meet, uh…”

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    “Sweet ride.”
    “I KNOW, dude!”

  • Corey

    “Trying to restore their brand credibility after cheating on emissions tests, Volkswagen’s newest line of Beetles are COMPLETELY natural!”

  • Bellomy

    “Horns, horns. The Riders of Rohan had come at last.”