Signal Boost! In the Lamplight

In the Lamplight

by L. Jagi Lamplight

Some time ago, my friend Danielle Ackley-McPhail started a small publishing company, eSpec books. She asked if I had some short stories she could put together into an anthology. I told her that before that year, I had written five short stories, and they were all truly bad. But, when I went and looked, I had written more like 30 stories, and some might be okay.

She took the stories away and, last fall, produced this lovely volume. When I reread it, I was amazed and delighted to discover that, not only were some of the stories actually delightful and amusing, but also that they complemented each other, so that reading them together made them better than reading them alone.

The volume has been surprisingly well-received. My favorite comment so far was that one writer friend noted that I never included info dumps. He said that when he noticed this, he went back and looked through all the stories, but…it was true. Kind of a neat compliment.

Sixteen tales of wit and wonder, of mischief and magic, where simple folk and extraordinary individuals wrestle down their own fears to find the courage, cleverness and, occasionally, faith to face life’s dangers and enchantments:

A young man trapped in dreams finds an unexpected way into the waking world.

A technician on a zero-g space station discovers there is more to him than meets the eye.

Time cops must unwind crimes that might not have been committed yet.

A brilliant young psychiatrist tests his theories on an unearthly patient by a moonlit pond.

For a young girl, Anne Bolyn’s poppet is the stuff of nightmares only she can banish.

Enjoy these and more, including three stories in the author’s Prospero’s Children universe:

Mephisto goes to the mountain—dragging Erasmus and Mab along—and chaos ensues.

Mab joins forces with a former MD to rescue her autistic son’s favorite toy, and end up facing down a faerie slave ring.

And Miranda herself stands up to the past—and a vampire—to end the threat of a deadly delicacy.

Come! Enjoy the wonder! 

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