Planetary Fiction

What is Planetary Fiction?

Planetary Fiction is an anthology on or about the the planets, and the themes associated with them. Thus:

Mercury: journeys and messengers

Venus: love and romance

Mars: conflict and war

Jupiter: power, authority and leadership

Saturn: time, age and endings

Such stories could be science fiction, fantasy, horror or weird fiction. Tales could feature science fiction as diamond hard as the unfiltered light of the stars in space, to flights of fancy. Star-ships that rigidly obey the limits of known physics, to fantastic gravity drives to chariots pulled though the starry ether by swans. It has room for the airless deserts of Mars and the crushing pressures of Venus; and for Warlords of Mars and Princesses of Venus.

If the story fits a planetary concept, and evokes awe and wonder, it could be a good fit for ″Planetary Fiction″…

The first in the series will be ″Mercury″; edited by David Hallquist

Why Mercury? Why tales of a small, barren rock circling the Sun, almost invisible in its glare?

The question might be: why not Mercury?

This oddball world races about in a highly eccentric ellipse, instead of the more proper, nearly circular orbits of other planets. It is tidally locked in a 3:2 resonance with the Sun, with one Mercury day for every two Mercury years. This cratered little world is far more dense than it would seem, and is believed to have a larger iron core than in proportion to other worlds. Then there is the odd phenomenon of a powerful magnetic field on a world that is barely rotating at all. Truly, a strange little world.

Mythic Mercury, or Hermes was the swift messenger of the gods, and famous for his brilliance and trickery. The wand of Hermes, the Caduceus, is still the symbol for medical learning around the world. Speed, brilliance and knowledge are all associated with the messenger.

Mercury the metal, is known as ″quicksilver″ and has been associated with transmutation and arcane processes since the time of the earliest alchemists. Chinese Emperors believes that an amalgam of mercury would bestow immortality. Useful in early photography, industry and scientific studies, the deadly poisonous nature of the metal quickly limited the usefulness of quicksilver.

For all of that, Mercury has been a bit overlooked in Science Fiction. There are notable great stories though the tiny world is often overlooked for the glories of Mars, the majesty of Jupiter or the splendor of Saturn.

These then, are the tales of Mercury: messages about the Messenger.

Superversive SF is now soliciting submissions for ″Planetary Fiction: Mercury″. Submissions should be sent to: [email protected]. Please place the name of the planet and the story title in the subject line. Try to avoid excessive formatting, and do include a author’s contact information and word count, as well as which planet it is connected to at the first paragraph. If you agree to have us publish your story, Superversive SF may elect to publish though Superversive Fiction or other publishers and formats, as deemed appropriate by Superversive SF.

″Venus″ is next in the series, edited by Jagi L. Wright and A.M. Freeman, and is now receiving submissions.

  • Josh Griffing

    Sounds fun: but what also of the Lower Spheres? Of Diana the Creation’s Lesser Light or of Tellus itself?

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Looking for a due date in the article for these submissions…

    • We don’t have a deadline right now. This is the very beginning of the project so it’s pretty open

  • Deadline and word count would be helpful.

    • The deadline and word counts are up to each editor (we have different people overseeing each book) We’ll post more details if need be as we start pulling everything together

  • MishaBurnett

    Working on a Mercury story now. You may hate it, but I think I can safely say that you won’t get anything else like it.

  • MishaBurnett

    Now that I think about it, I think I have a Venus and a Mars story already written.

  • MishaBurnett

    Okay, Mercury story sent.

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    I’m writing one per planet.

  • Bokerah Brumley

    Are the subs for Mercury still open?

  • Josh Griffing

    The complete list, as published by Declan Finn in his latest newsletter:

    Mercury: journeys and messengers (and tricksters!)
    Venus: love and romance
    Earth: Discovery and daring deeds
    Mars: conflict and war
    Jupiter: power, authority and leadership
    Saturn: time, age and endings
    Uranus: New beginnings and creation
    Neptune: High seas and knowledge
    Pluto: Wealth and death
    Luna: Madness and (despair or isolation or loneliness)
    Sol: Nobility and righteousness

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