Finished Watching: “Castle in the Sky”, Directed by Hiyao Miyazaki

What an incredible film. Truly incredible.

If anybody hasn’t seen it, and has the remotest interest in adventure films – I mean, like, if you thought “Indiana Jones” was “sort of okay” – watch this movie right now.

It’s simply astonishing, on every possible level.

Expect a real review on the Castalia blog some time in the coming weeks.

Miyazaki was – is – quite simply on another level from everyone else. He’s playing three dimensional chess with Brad Bird while we sit and watch people bat a ping-pong ball back and forth. As I watch more of his movies I’m starting to wonder if he might not just be on another level from everyone else ever. I’ve never seen movies like his before; never even knew there were people who made movies like his. They fill a hole in the soul I didn’t even realize existed.

Miyazaki’s movies are often compared with Walt Disney’s. But I think we might have it backwards: Miyazaki is not the Walt Disney of Japan. Walt Disney is the Miyazaki of America.