Finished Watching: “Castle in the Sky”, Directed by Hiyao Miyazaki

What an incredible film. Truly incredible.

If anybody hasn’t seen it, and has the remotest interest in adventure films – I mean, like, if you thought “Indiana Jones” was “sort of okay” – watch this movie right now.

It’s simply astonishing, on every possible level.

Expect a real review on the Castalia blog some time in the coming weeks.

Miyazaki was – is – quite simply on another level from everyone else. He’s playing three dimensional chess with Brad Bird while we sit and watch people bat a ping-pong ball back and forth. As I watch more of his movies I’m starting to wonder if he might not just be on another level from everyone else ever. I’ve never seen movies like his before; never even knew there were people who made movies like his. They fill a hole in the soul I didn’t even realize existed.

Miyazaki’s movies are often compared with Walt Disney’s. But I think we might have it backwards: Miyazaki is not the Walt Disney of Japan. Walt Disney is the Miyazaki of America.

  • Commenter2525

    Welcome to the Studio Ghibli fandom!

  • Jon Turner

    Yes, this is an awesome movie, and it’s one of my favorites of all time. I’ve also seen some people on Castila claim that the previous ’80s dub of this movie is superior. Sadly, it isn’t. One listen to it and I was wincing. Accurate or not, it’s very, very flawed. Disney’s dub has its occasional drawbacks, too (mature-sounding leads, although they are competent overall), but in terms of writing, acting, and execution, it trounces the ’80s by far. For a more in depth review, here’s my retrospective on both dubs:

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