Best of 2016!

Courtesy of CLFA (Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance) here is the list of books that made it through the first round of recommendations for the CLFA Book of the Year. We are going to use this as the beginning of our own Best of 2016 list, which will be displayed after all, along with our upcoming Suggested Reading List.

Don’t see your favorites here? Please leave additional suggestions in the comments.

A Place Outside the Wild by Dan Humphreys
Awful Intent by John Brown
Banshees by Michael Baron
Bastion Saturn by  C. Chase Hardwood
Beyond the Mist by Ben Zwycky
Blood of Indivia by  Tom Tinney
Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant
By the Hands of Men, Book 3 by  Roy M. Griffis
Carhwright Cavaliers by Mark H. Wandrey
Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine
Discovery by  Karina Fabian
Domino by Kia Heavey
Eden by Keith Korman
Escalation by Ryk Brown
Fight the Rooster by Nick Cole
Glory Boy by Rick Paltrow
Iron Chamber of Memory by  John C Wright
Liberty Lost by John Colt
Monster Hunter Grunge by John Ringo
Murphy’s Law of Vampires by  Declan Finn
People’s Republic by  Kurt Schlichter
Rachel and the Many-Splendored Dreamlands by  L. Jagi Lamplighter
Set to Kill by  Declan Finn
Shrinkage by  Chuck Dixon
Souldancer by  Brian Neimeier
Swan Knight’s Son by John C. Wright
The Adventures of Tom Stranger by Larry Correia
The Big Sheep by Robert Kroese
The Good Fight by Justin Robinson
The Secret Kings by Brian Neimeier
Til Death Jason by Anspach
Van Ripplewink by  Paul Clayton
Wolf Killer by John van Stry
God, Robot (anthology)
Tom by Dave Freer


  • Overgrown Hobbit

    Channelling’s Island by Dave Freer

    • Mrs. Wright

      It was 2015. (It was my pick for the YA Dragon Award last year.)

  • Roland Dobbins

    Can you make these links, please?


    • Mrs. Wright

      Sorry, that will take hours of our time. This is our initial list. Eventually, we will have a more final list with links.

  • Bellomy

    “God, Robot”!

  • ZP

    Hey, my book is on there too! Thanks for including The Good Fight 🙂

  • TPreston

    Steve Shoemake is new to the genre, and absolutely hit a home run with his first two novels of The Dark World Saga: In Pursuit of Wisdom and In Need of Protection.