Caption This! week #2

Welcome back! In case you missed it, Caption This is a new game on the SuperversiveSF blog.

The rules are simple: Look at this week’s picture, think of a funny/witty/amusing caption, and post that caption in the comments below! Here’s your picture, 1… 2… 3… GO!



And congratulations to last week’s winner: Astrosorceror

  • Jon Del Arroz

    “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
    “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.”


  • Nate Winchester

    “THIS SUMMER… Humanity will BITE back in…

    GARDEN OF EDEN 2: Eve’s Rage”

    • Ahahaha! Love it!

      • Nate Winchester

        I should probably see how long I can keep “in appropriate sequel” theme going through these things.

  • Nope! Nothing stuck to your teeth.

  • Crazy woman! Put me down! “Amazonian Floss Snake” is just a name!

  • One more time. Explain original sin. Slowly.

  • Look, if you swallowed a mouse, that’s your problem. I ain’t going in after it.

  • Alex Stoutwood

    “LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOOO, CAN’T… Is the microphone working?”

  • Snake karaoke was a fad that did not last long.

  • Allan Davis

    …and with that one kiss, she promptly turned into a yellow garden snake. And they lived happily ever after.

  • Allan Davis


    …and with that one kiss, she promptly turned into a Burmese Python, swallowed him whole, and went on to live happily ever after.

  • Josh Griffing

    “Their young are fundamentally harmless, especially females. The actual chances of my being bitten are quite slim, gentlewyrms.”

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    Omeopathy in action.