New To SuprversiveSF: Caption This!

Hello all!

I will be hosting a new weekly feature here on the SuperversiveSF blog. It’s a game of sorts, and I encourage anyone and everyone to participate!

The rules are simple:

  1. Every Wednesdays I shall post a picture, either humorous, impressive, or just freaky.
  2. Post your caption for the picture in the comments.
  3. The best caption, as voted on by members of the SupereveriseSF blog, will be announced the following week, along with a new picture!

BONUS POINTS: Feel free to send in pictures of your own. The more participation the better! (and it makes my job easier ;-D )



Here’s your first picture. Let the games begin!!

  • Scott Huggins

    Tchaikovsky’s first costumer for the Nutcracker Suite… didn’t last long. Fortunately.

  • Alex Stoutwood

    Caption: “This is what happens when you try to LARP Super Mario Bros. in the 1930s based on a garbled dream message sent from the future.”

    Also, having to register and log in to comment is probably going to cut down on the number of comments significantly.

  • Working on the login options.

  • Nate Winchester

    1) In mother Russia, ‘shrooms eat YOU!

    2) The munchkins from the other side of the tracks eschewed the Lolipop Guild for the Mushroom Yakuza.

    3) I think we’ve passed the metaphor threshold.

    4) Tumblr seeks a new way to be edgy after polygamy is legalized.

    5) Typical bridesmaids & best man photo.

    • A. M. Freeman

      LOL, all very amusing! Although I think it should be one entry per picture 😉

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    I dunno, Maisie, is this really a better option than a Burqa?

  • Overgrown Hobbit

    Little did they know that decades later an obscure webcomic was going to accuse them of culturally-appropriating a fungus.

    • A. M. Freeman


  • Astrosorceror

    No-one will suspect the Mycanoid invaders due to their clever human disguises…

  • Lorenzo Fossi

    Wellcome to our magical realm.