Hello Superversive SF!


My name is Corey, and I’d like to introduce myself, as I’ll be entertaining (or trying to, at least) with a few thoughts on the fantasy genre, gaming, philosophy, and anything else that relates to Superversive SF.

A little about me; I’m a college students (Economics major) and an aspiring author. You can usually find me on a story-sharing website called Wattpad (https://www.wattpad.com/user/Halcyon15) where I’m busy writing about the (mis)adventures of a half-human, half-dragon Ranger who rescues a lady and attempts to escort her home while being pursued by an immortal monster bent on killing the lady.

I’m a fan of science fiction as well, and I like reading about philosophy, and now that I have discovered Appendix N, I am devouring those books obsessively, and enjoying them immensely. However, my first love is fantasy, because that rescued me from completely abandoning fiction. When I was younger, I thought all fiction consisted of Junie B. Jones and Junie B. clones, and as those books depicted boring suburbia, I wasn’t too interested in reading them, seeing as I was living that experience. Thank God for Harry Potter.

Those books showed me that writing could go beyond that which boring, everyday life contained. From Hogwarts, I moved to Narnia, then Prydain, then Middle-Earth, then the House (from Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom series), and onward. That was when I started writing fantasy, carrying around a composition book where I wrote my ‘novel.’ Eventually, I traded a composition book for a laptop, and moved from a horrible Tolkien-imitation to something more original.

I am also a bit of a gamer, which I blame on my father, who used to play Command & Conquer, a Real-Time Strategy game (which is still one of my favorite genres). I moved onto other games, like Skyrim and Dark Souls (Yes. I enjoy Dark Souls. I might be a bit of a masochist), and most, if not all, of the games I played had fantasy or science fiction elements in them.

I found the Superversive movement after finding out about Larry Correia, who led me to John C. Wright, who posted a video to a Superversive Roundtable and I was hooked. And, after Mr. Wright courteously responded to a few questions I sent him, I finally worked up the nerve to talk to some of the people here and ask if I could write for this group.

And that’s my story. I hope I can entertain and inform,  and contribute to the Superversive movement!