Forbidden Thoughts Launch Party!

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Welcome to the launch party live stream for our new book Forbidden Thoughts! A rollicking collection of stories from science fictions master story tellers including John C. Wright, Nick Cole, Brad Torgersen, Sarah A. Hoyt and many others!

We have lots of guests who have included stories in this volume. Fingers crossed Milo can make it!

Jagi has also asked for suggestions for a list of Superversive stories to read! More details in the livestream but include suggestions in the comments below!

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  • The Official Forbidden Thoughts Victory Dance by our own writer/dancer April Freeman:

  • Startide Rising (Brin)
    The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (Heinlein)
    To Marry Medusa (Sturgeon)
    Ringworld (Niven)
    Tau Zero (Anderson)
    Cities in Flight (Blish)
    A Specter Is Haunting Texas (Lieber)
    The Judgement of Eve (Pangborn)

    And if I may be so bold, my own
    The Cunning Blood

  • wlinden

    Werfel, Star of the Unborn
    An Instance of the Fingerpost
    The Mote in God’s Eye
    Heinlein, Double Star
    A Voyage to Arcturus
    The Coldfire trilogy
    Cassini Division/Stone Canal/Sky Road
    Zimiamvia books

  • Marina Fontaine

    Dean Koontz: The Face, One Door Away From Heaven, Innocence, The City

    Andrew Klavan: Werewolf Cop (adult), Nightmare City (YA), Crazy Dangerous (YA)