“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Netflix Series Season One: Final Thoughts

You know all of those nitpicks I had?

The show fixed ALL of them.

That was, in a word, outstanding. It got better and better as it went on. The children clearly get more comfortable in their roles, and by the time of the death of Monty in “The Reptile Room” they’ve really got the characters down. Neil Patrick Harris does a much better job balancing the sinister and comedic aspects of Olaf. There’s a clear uptick in the quality of the acting.

The conspiracy subplot, which seems integrated somewhat hamfistedly in the earlier episodes, gets integrated much more smoothly by “The Miserable Mill” (the last two episodes of season one).

Each “book” continues to up the tension and up the entertainment value; each episode is better than the previous. I thought “The Wide Window”, a personal favorite of mine from the series, wouldn’t be able to be topped. The adaptation was executed that well.

I was wrong. “The Miserable Mill”, part two especially, is outstanding. Clever, exciting, REALLY funny, and very, very Snicket-y. Awesome.

The only thing about this series that consistently annoys me is how bad the special effects are with Sunny, the infant Baudelaire. It gets ridiculous to a point where it’s not really funny so much as stupid looking. But that’s a nitpick.

As a fan, I loved it. It’s awesome. It’s not superversive, but recommended regardless.