Sutherland Responds

I don’t have much to say except that this:

The first is entitled “Interesting Article From Doris V. Sutherland” and was written by Anthony M. of Superversive SF, a group that has published some of Niemeier’s work. Anthony’s post is long and, by and large, strikes me as an attempt to give Niemeier some PR damage control by qualifying his more flamboyant statements.

…Is the reason people react angrily to Sutherland rather than reasonably. In point of fact, this was the first I’d heard of the entire affair, I didn’t speak to Brian in advance, only read his original articles when Sutherland linked to them, and was actually a little worried that Brian would be mad that I was taking Sutherland seriously at all.

Sutherland then quotes Brian a couple of times to make points I already responded to. For example, this:

For example, Anthony expresses disbelief that Niemeier ever claimed to have written the most popular nominee in the Dragons’ horror category.

Brian claimed it was the most read, not the most popular; he was including free giveaways.

I have nothing else to say.