Call for Writers

Hi everybody!

I’m spreading this far and wide wherever I know good writers hang out (So not Tor. Zing!).

The frame story of “Tales of the Once and Future King” has been written, which is great! A couple of my writers are helping me go over it. Also great!

Now the not so great: One of my authors dropped out. Plot wise the frame story works fine without it, but it is a disappointing loss. The story was something of a linchpin piece, and it provided a nice bit of foreshadowing for the rest of the main narrative. It was the first story to appear in the anthology.

In short: I’m looking for a short story about Taliesin (King Arthur’s bard for those out of the know). Preferably something a little sombre in mood, but suitable for juveniles (that last bit is important, as the anthology is designed for juveniles – no sex, gratuitous gore, or moral relativism/nihilism).

The “new” Taliesin, a sort of modern day analogue, features heavily in the frame story, and it would be nice to have something featuring his medieval counterpart in some capacity.

Yes, this criteria is a little more specific than the original criteria, because I’m looking to fill a specific hole. I don’t want anyone to feel obligated. But if anyone has a bright idea and is good at dashing out stories quickly, it would be VERY appreciated. Compensation would be equal to that of all the other authors – a cut of the profits.

No official deadline except for “Sooner is better if you can help it”.

Thank you all,
– Anthony Marchetta

EDIT: E-mail is [email protected]