Why I won’t see “Rogue One”


I was going to write a post defending my view, but I’m actually not sure what else to say. Read that link. If you don’t think that’s a good reason to avoid this film, have fun getting spat upon by people who hate you while you pay them.

  • Eh… maybe. Or maybe the idiotarian parasites are attempting to do with other’s work what they can’t do with their own.

    The “if you’re for equality in law you MUST be a feminist.”

    If you go see this movie, made by a humongous bunch of people who don’t necessarily share our politics, you MUST be anti-Trump voters.

    Tough call.

    • Anthony M

      I’m not sure how. We have no less than three different writers coming out and explicitly stating that they intend to insult their audience. And now I’m supposed to pay them?

      This is straightforward, for me, at least.

      • I’m solidly with Anthony, here. Why sell my loyalty and self-respect to a multi-billion dollar corporation?