Miyazaki Returns

From the Anime News Network:

In the NHK television specialOwaranai Hito Miyazaki Hayao (The Man Who Is Not Done: Hayao Miyazaki) on Sunday, acclaimed anime director Hayao Miyazaki reported that he wants to return to making an anime feature film, after retiring from directing feature films three years ago. He has been working on “Kemushi no Boro” (Boro the Caterpillar), a planned CG short for the Ghibli Museum.

However, the special revealed that Miyazaki was not satisfied with the CG project as a short, and he presented a project proposal for a feature-length film this past August. He also noted that if a feature would take him five years to make, he would be 80 years old at the end. In the schedule listed in his proposal, Miyazaki suggested that the film could be done by 2019, before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki commented that Miyazaki will draw storyboards until he dies, and another staffer dryly noted that this would make the movie a huge hit.

Despite not officially receiving a green-light for the feature film, Miyazaki decided to start animation work on the project anyway. He plans on creating storyboards for about 100 cuts of footage.

Pfffffft, not “officially receiving a green-light”. Yeah, okay. Go on, be the guy who tells Hayao Miyazaki “no”. Come on, I dare you.

I’ve only ever seen one Miyazaki film, “Spirited Away”. It was absolutely amazing. Quite apart from the rest of his large and legendary body of work I’m more than excited to see another Miyazaki film on the basis of that one alone.

So I’m psyched!