New Around These Parts

Hello! Hola! Hey! And all other greeting that start with the letter H.

This is just a quick post to introduce myself. I am a new blogger for Superversive Sci Fi, however I am not a total stranger. I have a short story Here and a short article Here, that were both graciously shared by Mrs Wright. But now I have my own little space here, so howdy and how do ya do!

A little about me. I am a young whipper-snapper of 18 and the third oldest of six kids. I live on a farm, and I enjoy riding and loving on my mustang that I have trained since she was a filly. I am a ballerina and dance both in classes, as well as spontaneously wherever there is good music. I do a lot of other things, like work in a deli, knit, draw, read, teach ballet, teach a Sunday school class, stare at the stars….. but most relevant, I write.

I’ve had a love for stories for as long as I can remember. Reading came slow to me, but I was blessed to live in a household where we were constantly having stories read aloud. This not only helped me nurture a deep love for stories, but was instrumental in developing my imagination to really see and live in the world of the story.

This is either a blessing or a curse, depending how you look at it. Having an overactive imagination and uncontrollable desire to write stories has doomed me to a life of arguing with imaginary people. But at least it’s a life full of wonder!

I had been trying to write since before I could read or spell – which I wasn’t able to do until I was ten – but it wasn’t until six years ago that I finally got a story going. Then in the past four years, I’ve gotten serious about writing. As of right now I don’t have anything big published – only the stories on my blog and one that will be in the Sci Phi Journal. However, I have a lot written and many projects in the works.

Anyway, that’s the end of ‘My Rambly and Casual Introduction Post’. More from me later this week.

Take care y’all!