Our SF world catching up with us.

I usually don’t post writing pieces. However, this impacts all of us. And it is related to our Machine Masters.

We have all read about the manner in which the SF of the past has become the present. This is most true and most evident in robotics and communication.

We have business machines that can do anything. Only cost is preventing their ubiquitous usage. This refers to warehousing, retail sales, accounting, banking, vehicle operation, and similar obvious usages.

Most people carry around a communications device capable of connecting, via voice and/or video, to anywhere in the world, instantaneously and usually for free, or at least no additional cost.

This same device can deliver virtually all the knowledge available on this planet. Also instantaneously and free.

We have translation devices that can translate most known languages, instantaneously, and be transmitted to the wearer’s ear and utilize a speaker for the wearer’s portion of the unknown language communication.

We have three-D printing for drugs, artificial prostheses, Human body part replacements, even food. There is a new Chicago restaurant that three-D prints the menu, utensils, plates and all food. There is little we can imagine that cannot be printed or will be available for printing in the near future. Size is a restriction now, however, size has never kept tech down before.

There is little we can imagine that cannot be produced, and nearly nothing that is not reasonable expected.

We are free to write our imagination and it is most likely, a future reality.