“Tales of the Once and Future King” Update

At this point, every author should have been contacted, save for the two I specifically solicited (don’t worry, you’ve been accepted 😉 ). This gives us a solid total of nineteen stories; I may add one of my own to make an even twenty. That way none of the authors need to worry about losing a potential cut of the royalties, as that will just be folded in with the fifty percent that goes to the editors.

This means if you haven’t been contacted yet, please send a query, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you HAVE been contacted, please send a confirmation e-mail confirming you accept the terms of publication.

Congratulations to everybody who got in. I think our lineup of stories is very strong and I look forward to seeing how the anthology ultimately turns out!

Apologies for the few late responses. I was literally up until five in the morning last night going through these stories, so know it wasn’t for lack of trying.