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Companionship — Sex — dare I suggest Love?

Can a robot mend a lonely heart?

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“Aiko Chihira” takes over as Receptionist of Tokyo department store

The “Her” operating system AI from Spike Jonze’s movie.
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Conceptual AI cooperation in production and self-production. Who is “God” now?
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From CNET Magazine: AI-equipped sex toys could either make human contact unnecessary or help the socially awkward learn intimacy.

“Perhaps I have been alone for too long,” writes the self-described 34-year-old from Germany. “Perhaps I have found in my dolls what I was looking for in vain among humans for an even longer time. Being a quiet man myself, my two silent companions and I [are] getting along quite well.”

Today’s erotic dolls are passive, making them the sex toy equivalent of the flip phone. But thanks to virtual reality and hardware that plugs into phones, the latest sex toys can redefine the meaning of “long-distance relationships” while others can take humans almost completely out of the sexual equation. Now, a few doll makers and researchers would like to add artificial intelligence to the mix, creating erotic dolls that would do a lot more than just lie around. When that happens, it could isolate Nukeno and others like him even more — or it could help them learn real, person-to-person intimacy.

“[Artificial intelligence] could open the hearts of men and women,” says Justine Cassell, an AI expert and associate dean at Carnegie Mellon. “[That] might offer transitional stages between being entirely closed down and being able to feel emotion.”