Currently Watching: “Stranger Things”

It’s a new Netflix show, and I’m on episode 6 of 8. Full review will come later.

The plot: A girl with psychic powers escapes from a government facility at the same time a young boy disappears after being attacked by a mysterious monster. The plot follows various groups of people – the psychic girl, the young boy’s friends, the Chief of Police, the boy’s mother, the boy’s brother, a teenage girl whose friend goes missing (it does a really great job juggling a lot of balls) – as they pull on the various threads surrounding the mystery of the boy’s disappearance and slowly uncover a vast government conspiracy hiding evidence of paranormal investigations.

Current thoughts: Extremely entertaining. The writers are experts at milking suspense, and the characters are excellently drawn. There’s a wonderful bit of superversion in there about the nature of relationships between people: The big conspiracy the governments are trying to hide from everybody is starting to fail because the government is failing to take into account personal relationships in favor of statistics. Maybe, statistically, it’s a perfectly reasonable conclusion to draw that a man with fingerprints on a gun next to his head shot himself, but when you’re friends with the guy, it starts to sound less plausible. Maybe a teenager stealing a car and running off is reasonable and commonplace, but when you know said teen the facts start to look a little shaky. And so on and so forth.

My biggest criticism is that the kids in the show are too competent; they get further in the mystery faster than everybody else despite being 11 or 12 at most. But then, in keeping with the 80’s movies this show is so obviously inspired by, this is all in fine Goonies tradition, and so is somewhat forgivable.

This is a very well executed show, and I look forward to finishing the story. I’m honestly not sure how this is going to end, and I can’t wait to find out.