Call For Artists

The Superversive team are currently working on a huge project that with luck we’ll be able to announce officially in the near future – but we’re going to need a bit of help.

Right now a bunch of our writers have comics sitting in the pipeline, but we need ARTISTS! Preferably people with some experience in comics, but we’ll take a look at anyone. We’ve made a lot of progress but until we get more artists on the team our project is stalled.

All artists will be getting compensated for their work, via a percentage of royalties from the finished products (i.e., comic books). If you’re at all interested in learning more about our plans and what sort of work you’ll be doing, shoot an e-mail to We can answer all your questions there. I CAN tell you that while we have some other things planned for the future, our first comics are probably going to be superhero related.

Please, even if you’re not interested in contacting us, share this post where you can! The more the merrier!