A Quick Thought

Currently I write on a kindle, my laptop having broken. So apologies if thisis more brisk than normal. But it did occur to me that the grouping of the nominated My Little Pony episode with Chuck Tingle’s dinosaur porn is rather unfair.

The most justification I’ve seen anybody make for such a grouping is…actually, I’ve never seen anybody try to justify it. I guess because it’s a children’s show?

Of course, this ignores that “The Sword in the Stone”, a non-puppy related work, is already a winner of the retro Hugo award…and is a children’s book. It’s absolutely insulting and unfair to group MLP with Chuck Tingle’s parody erotica.

  • luckymarty

    I think it’s because MLP fandom gets scorn even from other geeks (I may have been guilty of that myself), which makes the selection look like a troll. Even though, best I can tell, it really wasn’t.

    I guess the thought is that multiple troll nominations make the Puppies — unfairly conflated for this purpose — look worse than just one. Plus it distracts attention from the other nomination that might be considered a troll, the “Safe Space as Rape Room” series.

    • Anthony M

      I always thought MLP got quite a lot of respect as a high quality kids show.