My Favorite “God, Robot” Review

“God, Robot” has been getting excellent reviews so far, with none yet being below a four. I will, however, single out my personal favorite (with great thanks to the folks who penned detailed, substantial reviews and told people what to expect in the work):

on May 1, 2016
I bought this on a whim, believing theobots would come across as heavy handed and preachy.
I was so very wrong. The authors have created a whole universe that I would love to see re-visited.
I found the stories genuinely moving and heartfelt…who would’ve thought God and robots would make a mix this thought-provoking and touching?

I love when people say stuff like that. It was exactly what I was going for. The truth is – and this might sound very odd to people – “God, Robot” was not conceived as a Christian book, at least in my head. And indeed, there were, in fact, several stories in the book that never referenced Christianity or Christian teaching at all, and even one that explicitly portrayed a theobot in an unfavorable light.

Remember, the two greatest commandments can also be found in the Old Testament as well as the New.

What people might not realize is just how vague the requirements were. All I asked were that robots were involved in some way and the two laws were involved in some way. That was literally it. Everything else was fair game – and sure enough, there was some truly fascinating stuff. The stories specifically written to fit the timeline were authorial decisions, not editorial.

To me, it was just a really cool sci-fi concept I thought authors could do interesting things with. I didn’t do it for theological reasons, or or to proselytize. I did it to tell some good stories. And I’m thrilled that readers seem to be getting that.