My Point in a Nutshell, by Larry Correia

Since my medium length and clearly worded article was apparently too long and insufficiently clear (what do I know, I guess), I’ll let Larry Correia take it away:

All I can really say to the CHORFs is that they had a chance to deal with people like me or Brad, but instead they decided to be a bunch of pricks and hand out wooden assholes while block voting No Award. In the process they insulted disgruntled fans, and proved that they were a bunch of cliquish elitists just like I’d said they were to begin with.

That’s how you end up with Space Raptor Butt Invasion. Have fun with that.

As for Superversive SF’s nomination: We were picked because we caught people’s attention, people who are becoming bigger and bigger players. This will get us more exposure. And we get to be a part of the effort taking on SJW’s. Win-Win-Win.