Early Praise for “God, Robot”

We are up to eight reviews posted between Amazon and Goodreads, all five out of five stars!

Some excerpts. From Goodreads:

Most of the stories were a lot of fun, while also having something to mull over. There was not a story I did not enjoy and I would make special mention of “An Unimaginable Light” by John C. Wright and the concluding story “The Ring of Sounding Brass” by his wife J. Lagi Lamplighter. A story provided by Vox Day was also quite intriguing in the abstract way a Robot delivers justice and discovers his own godhead – rather chilling.

I really enjoyed the playing around with theology in this universe and the obvious connection by hindsight of combing the three laws with the greatest commandment and the resulting difficulties. Just a totally solid collection of stories from multiple authors disproving the “too many cooks” hypothesis in this instance.

And some various from Amazon (all five star reviews):

If you love theology and science fiction, this is an excellent book.

Well done. The authors are able to make even robots, or a variation on the theme, interesting characters that one actually can care about. Cleverly written as a series of connected stories by various authors.

Interesting twists involving robots and theology, something that is particularly meaningful to me at this juncture in history. I was truly moved by the chapter, “Infinite Search” written by EJ Shumak. His main character, Enoch, is a Theo-bot who struggles with ontology, theology, and connection in a most poignant, moving way. Well worth the read.

I would give the book a solid 4 star rating for taking a basically interesting idea and developing it in creative ways, but I give it an extra half-star and a deserved round up to 5 for taking things one step or twist further than I guessed on several occasions, and also simply for being a book that, refreshingly, is intellectually stimulating sci-fi which doesn’t feel the need to take cheap shots at the scripture that is part of its basic thesis, which these days probably makes it radical if not outright subversive.


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Worth nothing: The various reviews have specifically praised stories by Vox Day, John C. Wright, EJ Shumak, L. Jagi Lamplighter, AND MJ Marzo. A truly balanced collection of well-written tales. But I could have told you that.