January 28, 2016 David Hallquist 0

Nethereal mixes science-fiction, fantasy and horror in unexpected ways. Space running ether ships battle with magically worked devices, the mystical Guild controls the space lanes with otherworldly wheels and compasses, and necromancers meddle in the […]


Fandom Is Dead. Long Live Fandom!

January 28, 2016 Brian Niemeier 0

If you change the medium, you change the message. Philosopher of communication Marshall McLuhan argued persuasively that advances in media, regardless of content, can incite dramatic, culture-wide effects. A best selling print book can reach […]


Dreaming Beyond Science

January 27, 2016 Josh Young 0

I really wanted to title this, “Stop doing this one thing!” except I loathe clickbait titles. But something’s been working its way under my skin for a while now, and like my “Star Trek’s not […]


Review: Voyage to Alpha Centauri

January 26, 2016 Josh Young 3

This was initially posted at Castalia House’ blog. I’ve read a lot of science fiction in my life, and there tend to be some words I love hearing to describe a book I’m about to […]


New Suicide Squad Trailer

January 21, 2016 Anthony M 0

And it looks absolutely fantastic. My commentary on it, reposted from Daddy Warpig’s House of Geekery, another excellent blog: After this trailer I went from “Huh, this is a clever concept, and I’ll have to […]


Just For Fun

January 16, 2016 Anthony M 7

Here are my top five superversive SF stories, in order of quality. I will limit myself to Lamplighter superversive, just because I can; otherwise “The Once and Future King” would be on this list, and […]


Finished the “Watership Down” Movie

January 14, 2016 Anthony M 0

I’ll bullet point: It was very good. The watercolor background made it look as if the rabbits were running across a painting, and that’s a compliment. Excellent animation. I did not think it had to […]