We Made a List!

Jeffro, blogger for Castalia House and he of Appendix N fame, had put Superversive SF at number 6 on his top ten gaming blogs of the year.

Which…doesn’t sound quite right, but let’s let him explain:

Okay, another rule-bender here. This is not technically a game blog. But I’m here to tell you these people put out stuff that game blog people want to read!

But anyway, Jeffro offers three articles as examples of why Superversive SF is such a great place to go: “Firefly’s Dark Heart of Gold”, an analysis of “Firefly’s” worst episode, “Daredevil is Superversive”, which attempts to prove that the Netflix show “Daredevil” is superversive,  and “Is Khan a Villain?”, which analyses the characters of Khan and Kirk in “Star Trek: Into Darkness”.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the nice things Jeffro says about us (and a brief link to a couple more articles at the end of his review), check out the link.

Very cool news!