General Impressions of the New Star Wars From Reviews

I have seen none of the film yet. This is entirely from flipping through reviews of the film:

  • Luke is probably going to be a villain in some capacity, if you didn’t realize that already
  • They’re giving to what I consider an unfortunate trend in having a Strong Woman Character as their hero, but your mileage may vary
  • The goal, so I hear, is to try and recreate the feel of the originals as much as possible, something Abrams apparently succeeds at.
  • So in consequence things are derivative, but at least they’re derivative of good movies rather than crappy prequels
  • The movie is more fun than smart. The vibe I’m getting is more “A New Hope” than “The Empire Strikes Back”. Which isn’t an inherently bad thing, just go into it looking for a fun time instead of looking for something at the level of brilliance that was “Empire”.

…That’s all I’ve got. I haven’t seen the movie after all.

Anyway, it sounds like it’ll be pretty good, especially for Star Wars fans. But I look forward to watching it more to catch the hype train than anything else.