Deliciously Terrifying Sandworm Bread.

A cousin clued me into this sandworm bread recipe today. It looks terrifying, and delicious, and makes me weep that very few people in my family and probably no people in my wife’s family would recognize this as anything but malformed bread. I wouldn’t even get strange looks bringing this to Christmas, guys =/

Thank the maker!
Thank the maker! – [source]
So. Someone who has family members who are Dune fans should make this for me. I might still make it, just because, but really, if it’s just going to be me howling with nerdy glee and my beautiful wife giving me that “he’s being strange again, it’ll pass” look, it’s not going to have quite the impact.

Head on over to Kitchen Overlord for the recipe. It looks like the site is worth poking around on, too, but its finals time and I have a paper on my philosophy of pastoral counseling to write. (Let’s see you try to expand “refer them to someone who wants to do counseling for a living” to ten pages.)