We can expect a new Star Trek in 2017!

Welp, Startrek.com just dropped this bomb today: there’s a new Star Trek series set to air for January 2017. No details, except that it’s new characters and that it’s not tied to the next film, Star Trek Beyond, which is due to premiere this summer.

….And that’s all we know. But, a  guy can toss out his dreams, right?

My wishlist items:

  • Characters without that Federation “nicey-nice” feel. I’m all about good guys being good, but outside of the TOS, most of Trek’s characters don’t feel real. They feel like people who really aren’t nice pretending to be nice, like that one friend’s mom who really didn’t want that many teenage boys in her house.
  • An overarcing story. Star Trek‘s best performances come when it’s working with some sort of continuity. Consider the TOS films, where even the relative stinkers are pretty great. (It’s weird how they skipped straight from Star Trek IV to Star Trek VI, though. Where was number five?) Consider Deep Space Nine, which managed to take Star Trek on TV in a direction where characters actions actually mattered.
  • I want something that’s not set in the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, or 24th centuries. Move on! One of the hallmarks of classic Star Trek was its boldness, and I think one of the ways this show might best succeed is to tread new territory. Star Trek so familiar to us at this point that I’m pretty sure nothing in the current time periods we’re familiar with is going to even really feel like science fiction. Plus, the 24th century is pretty thoroughly steeped in a late 80s/early 90s aesthetic, and I’m pretty sure appropriate shininess is going to require the show either be set post- Voyager or in the nu-Trek universe.

Alright, folks. Time to weigh in. What do you want to see from the new Star Trek?

  • Anthony M


    I’m allowed to answer that, right?

  • Y’know, I don’t think so. I think Firefly is a lot like Spaced at this point: It was something beautiful, but now the actors are older and have moved on, and so the window for new stuff has passed. 🙁

    • Anthony M

      I think we’ll see it again one day.

      In fact, it baffles me that we haven’t seen more “Firefly” already. Yes, yes, the actors all have other jobs…but really, with all of the shows getting second chances through streaming services, and with websites out there like Go Fund Me and Kickstarter, and with literally every member of the main cast and the director all expressing interest, it just boggles my mind that they can come up with *absolutely no way* to revive the show in some way.

      An animated “Firefly” would be terrific to see, actually.

      • I believe that is called “Cowboy Bebop.” 😉 Except they’re bounty hunters. And River is a Corgi. But still.

        • Anthony M

          I’ve taken a look at “Cowboy Bebop”, and it was pretty good. I’ll take “Firefly” though.