One Child

November 28, 2015 Ben Zwycky 5

“One child is enough for you, the rest you will discard. It’s in our nation’s interest; this choice is not so hard.” A parent’s pure delight is turned into a source of woe, As they […]


“Jessica Jones”: The Final Analysis

November 24, 2015 Anthony M 3

All right, here we go. Spoilers abound Worse than: “Daredevil”. Will explain later. This automatically means worse than “Sherlock”, “Justified”, and Firefly. Better than: Pretty much everything I’ve seen on television now (will have to check […]


“Jessica Jones” is Out

November 22, 2015 Anthony M 0

I’ve seen the first episode. My recommendation: Don’t watch it with kids. That was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever experienced on TV or screen. Which is a MAJOR compliment! The episode ramps […]


The Music of the Spheres

November 20, 2015 David Hallquist 0

The Music of the Spheres by David Hallquist What is SpaceEngine? It’s not a game: you don’t fight alien armadas or rescue a space princess from the vilest gangster in the galaxy. Its not a […]

Superversive Verse

Knights in Coloured Overalls

November 17, 2015 Ben Zwycky 0

Knights in coloured overalls Wave to their great devotees— Two boys by a garden gate, Who watch them ride their metal beast. Dismounting, each with practiced grace, They wheel great black sarcophagi To their awesome […]


If you were a modern, my love….

November 15, 2015 Josh Young 1

I spent six or seven hours in a masters level course on evangelism today. This is nothing new; my seminary has this neat little arrangement where some classes only meet once a month. Upside? Lot […]


Stock-boy robot fixes minimum wage problem

November 13, 2015 EJSHUMAK 0

Stories in MIT Technology Review-Nov 10, 2015 Washington Post-Nov 10, 2015 CNNMoney-Nov 10, 2015 and Fortune-Nov 11, 2015 among at least thirty-two other venues. These articles look at one of the newest ways to solve […]