“God, Robot” has been officially accepted!

I am pleased to announce that Castalia House has agreed to publish the anthology/collaborative novel “God, Robot”! The book is the epic tale of the theological robots, spanning over 4,000 years from the creation of the first theo-bot brain until their role in deciding the fate of the galaxy. It features ten stories by eight different authors, including:

  • Anthony Marchetta (myself), author of the critically acclaimed short story “Take Up Your Cross” and the critically acclaimed article “The Philosophy of ‘Serenity'”, among other things*
  • Joan Levine, a highly talented newcomer who will have two stories appearing in the anthology
  • Steve Rzasa, author of the Hugo nominated short story “Turncoat”, among other things
  • John C. Wright, who hardly needs an introduction here, but is the author of a record-tying number of Hugo works and the Nebula nominated “Orphans of Chaos”, among other things (I will note in passing that it was his blog post that sparked the idea for the book)
  • Josh Young, a fellow Superversive writer and author of the short stories “Domo” and “The God Eaters”, among others. He will soon have his book “Do Buddhas Dream of Enlightened Sheep?” published by Castalia House
  • EJ Shumak, a fellow superversive writer and author of the short stories “Bunny Rabbit” and “Precious Games, among others
  • Vox Day, another man who hardly needs an introduction but is the author of the fantasy novel “A Throne of Bones” and the critically acclaimed non-fiction title “SJWs Always Lie”, among other things**
  • And our very own L. Jagi Lamplighter, author of the Rachel Griffin series of juveniles as well as her critically acclaimed Prospero series, among other things***

The book is edited by myself and my assistant editor, my younger sister Mariel Marchetta. And I will quickly note that I do, indeed, consider the book superversive – and Lamplighter superversive to boot.

Don’t expect the book to be out for a few months yet, but you CAN officially get excited for it.

Whoo hoo!

*Okay, they each only got a single review each, but both of them were positive, so technically…

**His book really is critically acclaimed – check out Amazon

***Also actually critically acclaimed