Sci Phi Journal is looking for donors

I have a new post up over at Sci Phi Journal in which I put out a request for donors for the magazine. I’d like to keep it running but the finances are making it impossible. So I thought I would reach out and see what I could do before I need to bite the bullet and close the magazine down. I’d like to avoid this outcome.

Issue #8 is coming together at the moment and should be with you soon. I’m considering some changes moving forward with the magazine. I’d like to keep producing it but the financial burden is putting a strain on things. So in the interests of not having to close the magazine down I am considering the following options and would ask readers to consider some of the following options and let me know what you think.

  1. Change the payscale of the magazine from US$0.05c a word to AUD$0.06c a word. This would make the cost of each issue more predictable and less at the mercy of the exchange rate.
  2. Change the magazine from Bi-Monthly to Quaterly

These options would help control costs better and reduce some of the burden.

Additionally there are a few things fans of the magazine can do to help keep everything running.

  1. Consider a one off or regular donation to the magazine. There is a donate button on the right and all donations will be used to help keep the magazine afloat. Even $5 here and there will help
  2. Subscribe for the Ebook copy of the magazine, perhaps offering a higher than suggested patreon contribution for the Ebook. This will help keep finances predictable
  3. Mention the magazine to friends, colleagues and on social media or blogs. One of the things we struggle with is exposure so the more of that we can get the better. This should translate into readership and therefore sales. This will sovle the problem ultimately.
  4. Write a review on Amazon. More positive reviews and rating will help boost the magazine profile.
  5. Anything else you can think of. Let me know if I can help

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any support you can offer.