Finally saw “The Martian”

Thoughts: It was awesome with a side of awesome and an extra helping of awesome. I loved everything about. The casting seriously could not possibly have been better, they nailed every role.

My only complaints are ultra-nitpicks. It’s late where I live, so I’ll get to them later, but “The Martian” lived up to all of my expectations as a fan of the book and then some. It’s well-acted, it’s funny, it’s smart, it’s exciting…Pretty much everything you could possibly ask for. If you like science fiction, even casually, you owe it to yourself to see this film.

  • sciphi

    Everytime I see a Martian review I go … “no spoilers” … and then I think … “don’t be an idiot you read the book”.

  • ksterlingh

    I agree.

    The Martian delivered on everything I had hoped for in Interstellar. Beyond the acting and effects which were great, it was pretty strong scientifically, and it was pro-exploration despite the risks even if we are perfectly comfortable on Earth. That made it inspiring.

    I know lots of people loved Interstellar, but I didn’t. It had a good acting, fantastic special effects, and some neat visualizations of unusual science facts. But the story to me was basically anti-science and a bummer where the only motivation to get off the world is it’s dying (for reasons that made no sense scientifically)?

    Of course the fact that two actors from Interstellar were in the Martian, forced me into comparing the two. I kind of couldn’t help it.

    The Martian came off way better.

    • Anthony M

      I will never, ever understand the people who thought “Interstellar” was anti-science or anti-space flight or depressing. It was just…SOOOOO the opposite for me. And yet, I know several people who’d agree with you.

      But yeah. “The Martian” was really terriffic.