A definitive political compass test


I have seen a number of these political compass tests and I quite like them. This one from Play Buzz that says it is the Definitive Political Orietnation Test is particularly interesting I thought. Worth taking. I come out at roughly the point that touches UltraCapitalism, Conservatism and Traditionalism. Which isn’t very surprising. Where do you come out? I’d be interested to know. I wonder if I could make everybody who writes for Superversive SF take it!

I do like this one in particular because it recognizes that communists and fascists are kissing cousins, as has always been true (Read Liberal Fascism if you don’t believe me).

  • ksterlingh

    Hi, for what it’s worth I took the test and came in as Left Libertarian.

    The first part of their analysis sounded fine: “You question authority and are deeply distrustful of hierarchy. You believe strongly in personal liberty and individual freedoms. You firmly believe in a self-governed and non-hierarchical society with maximum individual freedoms for all. You support women’s rights, gay rights, and liberal attitudes on sex.”

    The second was a bit off: “You, however, favor collectively owned property and an economy that guarantees equality and opportunity. You believe in strong communities and favor a cooperative economy over dog eat dog capitalism.”

    I don’t support collectively owned property beyond public resources which might include land or water but not something you build. And I do not think governments can guarantee complete equality or opportunity in life (access to vital resources yes, but not best outcomes), much less that they should try to implement it. While I like cooperation I’m not against dog eat dog capitalism, as long as there is a safety net so people can keep playing the game. I mean no one should have to suffer or die for the sake of an economic policy.

    The last statement “You’re a lefty, but you hate big government just as much as the next libertarian!” is true depending on who the next libertarian is. I’ve found that the concept “big government” can have many different interpretations. But I do like them as small, local, and nonintrusive/authoritarian as possible.