Why is Donald Trump so Popular?

An interesting article up called Donald Trump Was Inevitable that talks about the surprising popularity of a clown like Donald Trump as he runs for the GOP nomination. It explores the idea that so many of the accusations that will be leveled at him are completely played out. The left has been crying wolf for the last decade or so and now the inevitable has happened. The salient quote from the article is

That he’s a racist? So is anyone who criticizes President Obama’s golf swing these days.

That he’s a sexist? So is anyone who defends due-process rights.

That he’s a phony? What politician isn’t?

That he’s a fascist? So were the last two presidents, depending on which books you read.

That he’s a crypto-Nazi? Yeah, because Lyndon Larouche hasn’t beaten that one to death at all.

See the problem? Even if all of these labels were true of Trump, they’ve all been used to cry “wolf” so many times that now no one thinks they mean anything anymore. Short of openly waving a Nazi flag, eating black babies, or sexually assaulting someone on live television, there’s little Trump could do to actually give these labels the power to scare people.

The whole thing is worth a read.