Interview with Hugo Nominated Author: Lou Antonelli

on a spiritual plain_small

1) All the Sad Puppies selections came from a list of stories that fans felt were their favorites from 2014. What about your story do you think brought it to the attention of whomever suggested it?

I suggested it myself to Brad Torgersen. I know him because we are both members of SASS – the Society for the Advancement of Speculative Storytelling. I noticed last year’s Sad Puppies list didn’t have much short fiction, so I made a mental note to suggest something to Brad for this year. I picked “On a Spiritual Plain” because I also wanted to give Sci-Phi Journal a boost.


2) What kind of stories do you write normally write? Is your nominated story in that tradition? Or is it a departure for you?

Normally I write alternate history. “On a Spiritual Plain” isn’t like that, it has an outer space setting, so it is a departure for me.


 3) When did you start writing?

Seriously for publication in 2002.


 4) What do you do in life other than write?

I write every day, I’m a journalist.


5) Who do you feel influenced your work? What other authors do you look up to? Who work brought delight to your reading life?

I grew up reading the good old stuff of Heinlein, Asimov and Del Rey. I also always admired Alfred Bester.


6) Can you fill in the blank?  “You might enjoy my work if you are a fan of ______.”

Warehouse 13


7) How did you come up with the idea for your current nominated story?

I really have no idea, I suppose it springs from some theological speculation and a desire to understand that there might be scientific explanations for metaphysical phenomena.


8) Care to share with us any glimpses what you are working on for the futures?

I just finished a retro-futurist alternate history largely set on Mars in 1985 called “Another Girl, Another Planet”.


For more about Lou’s Hugo nominated story, see here.