Daredevil Season 2 looks punishing

It seems that Season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil will feature my favorite Marvel character The Punisher. I’m excited! The antipathy between the Punisherand his brutal methods and Daredevil and his refusal to kill makes for interesting drama.

Now, with the rise in recent years of the superhero movie, there’s an ever-increasing number of actors out there being entrusted with playing characters that we, as fans, have known and loved for years (and often our entire lives). With a multitude of different versions of those characters out there, though – with heroes and villains often changing dramatically from writer to writer – it’s a major challenge to bring any given character to the screen in a manner that’ll satisfy both the film or series’ director, the studio, and the fans.

Whether an actor is up to that task, then, is a key element in a show or film being more than just accepted, but loved. The fact that he obviously just ‘gets’ Tony Stark is a major part of why we all love Robert Downey Jr. Hugh Jackman visibly loves Wolverine as much as any other fan, which is a huge reason why he’s so widely beloved. Charlie Cox’s clear sense of exactly who Matt Murdock is at his core is similarly at the core of why his Daredevil was so well received.

And, so, with Daredevil Season 2 fast approaching, it’s seriously reassuring to see that not only is Jon Bernthal taking his impending role as the Punisher seriously, by hitting his local comic book store (figuratively, and not lethally, thankfully), but that he also looks to be heading in a very much fan-friendly direction with his take on the anti-hero. According to Bernthal’s recent tweet, at least:

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