Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer

It’s a day for vs trailers, apparently.

I make no secret of the fact that I’m not a huge fan of DC’s franchises. The first Batman work I ever really liked (outside of a half-caught episode of Batman Beyond here or there) was Batman Begins, and, let’s face it, that’s a Chris Nolan movie. And Superman? Yawn. I’m all about truth, justice and the American way. I’m less about a dude who’s invincible, with a super power for everything.

I know, I know. I watch anime. I get the inherent contradiction here. There’s just something about Supes that’s always rubbed me the wrong way. So it’s probably fitting that the first Superman work I ever enjoyed was the one that all the fans apparently hated, cuz, y’know, Superman killed someone. But I, for one, as an outsider, thought Man of Steel was a pretty entertaining movie.

Meanwhile, DC doesn’t seem to really understand what it is that Marvel’s getting right in the MCU. They want a cohesive franchise, but kick out their beloved TV shows off the continuity boat. They released a memo calling for grim and gritty and never seemed to realize that the MCU’s got both grit and humor… Anyways. I feel like the cards are stacked against the fledgling DC cinematic universe, which is why I’m surprised to find that the trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice actually looks…. entertaining. And not ridiculous, because, let’s face it. Superman really should be able to just punch Batman out of whatever Batmobile he’s driving these days. From the outside.

A friend once remarked that good Superman stories are about the conflict inside Clark Kent– threaten what he loves, who he is. It certainly looks like Zack Snyder’s at least playing with that idea here.