Ash vs Evil Dead.

Horror’s always kind of a mixed bag for me. I lean more towards films that scare with atmosphere and dread– such as The Ring and A Tale of Two Sisters than I do films that scare with gore and grossness. I’m not opposed to a gory film, per se, as long as the gore serves a purpose. (Think how much more desperate the battles in The Wrath of Khan are compared to typical Star Trek fare. They’re battles where people bleed and suffer and die rather than battles where a bridge console explodes and throws a red shirt at the captain.)

One thing I do enjoy, though, is a good horror comedy. (Even the depressing ones. I’m looking at you, Cabin in the Woods.) It should come as no surprise, then, that I’m a fan of the films that pretty much invented horror comedy: Evil Dead 2 (a goofy, slapstick remake of Sam Raimi’s original Evil Dead) and it’s sequel, Army of Darkness. The recent remake of Evil Dead held no interest for me, as it seems to have abandoned much of what I love about these films– they even renamed the bloody Necronomicon!— and so I’m absolutely thrilled to see this trailer for Starz forthcoming series, Ash vs Evil Dead.