Maybe i’m over thinking this …


So I saw this image posted on Facebook and started the usual sci fi geek thinking of, “Well which would be cool …” and then thought. Wouldn’t it depend which universe you are in?

I suspect the T.A.R.D.I.S (The obvious choice BTW) wouldn’t work in a universe governed by the physics of Battlestar Galactica with its jump drive or Star Trek with its warp drives or the light speed of the Star Wars universe. And forget the Serenity, that whole universe lacks any FTL travel at all. Likewise I doubt any of the engines from the different universes would work in any of the others.

I am over thinking this right?

  • ksterlingh

    While you are right, context matters, I’d take anything in the left column and not complain. The TARDIS is nice, but I’m not professor material. And while a Star Destroyer would be awesome, you’d always have Darth Vader or the Emperor breathing (heavily) down your neck.

  • I feel like the TARDIS is cheating in a discussion like this. Its abilities are too fundamentally different from the other vehicles shown. Replace it instead with a Macross, or maybe B5’s White Star. I’d take either of those over what’s shown.