Barnes and Noble to Kill NooK

Barnes and Noble to Kill NooK

This has been coming since the new year, but it appears the near final nail has been prepared.


Barnes and Noble has lost over one billion dollars on trying to make the Nook brand into a viable business model. Since 2009 the largest bookseller in the US has gone through two CEO’s and has just announced they have hired their third, Ron Boire, who starts this September. It looks like the Nook brand is in seriously jeopardy.

  • Sad to see it go. But then, in the last six months we’ve made exactly $0.00 off of Nook sales. Granted, we’re an indie publisher. But we’re making decent sales on Kindle and absolutely NOTHING here, so I can’t say I’m surprised that they’re killing it.

  • amysterlingcasil

    We say “Nook, never sells a book.” Their volume has got to be very low by now. We’ve been studying them for quite a while. The new CEO is for the whole corporation, not just Nook. Last we saw, they were looking to dispose of their 600+ store college bookstore division, which has been a money-loser. Ask, “how can college bookstores LOSE money? – with guaranteed sales and customers?” Well … Nook – never sells a book.

    • So which self-pubbing ebook alternatives to amazon are doing well?