Japan & Russia/USSR still at war-China too?

China’s land grabs in her neighboring area of maritime influence include building”new” islands inthe South China sea // Sea of Japan, so as to claim new landmass for the commies.

This brings out an interesting fact about Japan and theEx USSR. Russia and or the USSR has never signed a treaty or cessation of hostilities with Japan since world war two. Technically Japan and USSR are still in active conflict. A long-running sovereignty dispute over four Russian-held islands off Hokkaido has prevented a peace between the two nations. This is also why, understandably, PM Abe of Japan is a bit disconcerted about the Russian activity in Ukraine.

This article on the G7 conference in Germany this week brings light on this 70-year-old “difficulty” We should remember that we have a very tight mutual defense treaty with Japan, making an attack onJapan akin to an attack on US soil.

It, unfortunately, isn’t just Japan’s problem.