Near future/pre-dystopian=same?

Often when we look at Dystopian literature, we wonder how the situation evolved to that point. At least I do. I thought it would be interesting to get a quote from a near future writer I knew, on what his world was.

Mr Henry Sullivan III has created a series of books involving a 2032 world with powerful houses, contemporary feudalism and even “Oaths of Fealty” freely given to powerful houses by prospective employees,

So here is that description:

In 2032, four of the most powerful dynasties in America combine their resources to form an organization called The Fathers. Season one of the Near Future Fiction Serial – The American Fathers – includes the story of two dynasties – House Daco and House Harrington. There are nine episodes in the season, involving a Lebanese-American Journalist, an impassioned college professor, a security contractor, a flamboyant hitman, a rebel hacker, a megalomaniac, and a smart, idiosyncratic heiress. Episode One is titled Swept Away.

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