Scary AI stuff coming true

Scary AI stuff coming true;

I recently wrote a short story on the aspect of robotics // AI becoming a protected class, and it being illegal to’violate’ their rights. This will likely be appearing in an upcoming anthology to be published by Jason Rennie and Sci Phi masthead that looks at political correctness run wild.

Now I see, based on an article in “The Scientific American,” that my concerns and fears are in the process of being realized.

To quote the last paragraph of an article titled “Intelligent Robots Must Uphold Human Rights” and penned by Hutan Ashrafian.

Do not underestimate the likelihood of artificial thinking machines. Humankind is arriving at the horizon of the birth of a new intelligent race. Whether or not this intelligence is ‘artificial’ does not detract from the issue that the new digital populace will deserve moral dignity and rights, and a new law to protect them.


We must consider interactions between intelligent robots themselves and the effect that these exchanges may have on their human creators.
Credit: Ociacia/Thinkstock

We are perhaps lost before we have even begun