Review: Awake in the Night Land

Awake in the Night Land

“Awake in the Night Land” by John C. Wright is a collection of four dark novellas of the Night Land (by William Hope Hodgson) continue the tales of that dark land, and are a must for any lovers of “The Night Land”.

This world features the grim and heroic survivors of humanity struggling to survive in a world gone utterly dark in a physical, supernatural, and moral sense. If Lovecraft’s Chtulu, or Elder Things, or Old Ones had actually won on earth, this horror might be what it would have been like. For all of that, though, human determination, heroism, and even love survive.

For lovers of that strange mixture of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy known as ″Weird Fiction″ this book stands well amongst the timeless classics. The sense of supernal foreboding, and grim malevolence of the Night Land comes though every page, making the reader welcome the light by which it is read. Unlike most horror of this type, however, is the steadfast stoic heroism of the brave doomed humans of the Last Redoubt. Rather than simply going mad, or giving up in despair, they struggle ceaselessly to survive against impossible odds, and even challenge the night itself in heroic journeys.

Like the original ″Night Land″ the sorties also involve love. Not simply the love of one’s True Beloved, but also the love of close friends, family, and even a boy’s love for a dog are all within. Even against the endless malefic nightmares of the Night, love still endures.

John C. Wright’s compendium of novellas are an essential collection for lovers of weird fiction and horror.