Hugo Nominee Interview: Mike Williamson

1) All the Sad Puppies selections came from a list of stories that fans felt were their favorites from 2014. What about your story do you think brought it to the attention of whomever suggested it?

Obviously, they, like me, hate humanity and want children to die. I would like to thank Brad for seeing through the haze and realizing I’m a scorching liberal right wing gay-agenda-endorsing homophobe and terrible parent who’s teaching his mixed race children to be white supremacists.  And with the assistance of Gamergate, the Illuminati and Elvis, I might actually win to spread our Gospel.

2) What kind of stories do you write normally write? Is your nominated story in that tradition? Or is it a departure for you?

This wasn’t a story, other than being the story of how English can be used as a club to beat people with.  I actually thought a short story I had published earlier in the year (“Soft Casualty”) was a much better example of my work, but I don’t really track this sort of thing so I’d completely forgotten it was eligible.  The story’s free, though, so feel free to take a look:  Soft Casualty  

3) When did you start writing?

Writing?  Age 8.  Getting published?  18.  Making a living at it?  35.

4) What do you do in life other than write?


5) Who do you feel influenced your work? What other authors do you look up to? Who work brought delight to your reading life?

Ben Franklin. I carry rolled up images of him, on high quality cotton paper, in my pocket, whenever possible. Thus, I look up to Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling. I would like 10% of their action.  However, I actually read Kipling, Peter Capstick, RAH, Poul Anderson, when I read.  Of course, people like me can’t actually read without moving our lips.  It’s a fact.  It’s on the internet.

6) Can you fill in the blank?  “You might enjoy my work if you are a fan of ______.”

Mel Brooks stoned on sugar-cured ham.

7) How did you come up with the idea for your current nominated story?

By being a complete gagnostic–I believe the entirety of human existence is a joke.  PS: You’re going to hate the punchline.

8) Care to share with us any glimpses what you are working on for the futures?

Stuff that pays better.  OTOH, if compilations of my internet jokes are that interesting, I may actually act on my run for World Dictator:  Otherwise, more time travel, more melanges of races and cultures with plot-relevant gratuitous violence and sex.
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