Should killer robots be banned?

The Escapist has an interesting article up, Should We Ban Killer Robots? that discusses the idea. It is certainly a question we will need to confront soon.

A man in Colorado Springs recently made headlines across the internet by venting his frustrations upon a defenseless personal computer, unloading into the device with his pistol. Just days prior, the international community came together to ask: Would, or should, we ever allow the machines to reply in kind, either in self-defense or acting on human orders?

On April 14th, a number of leading military, scientific and legal experts met to hold a five day round of talks at the United Nations second convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in Geneva involving 90 member states. The talks were called in order to establish how best to regulate the potential future development and deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapons, or LAWs. In other words, should we create robots to be used as soldiers? And if yes, how should we control their use?

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